Saturday 28 December 2013

Last Minute Read-a-thon Love It or Hate It Challenge

Today's challenge for the Last Minute Read-a-thon is the Love It or Hate It challenge.

We pick covers who love and hate and explain why.

Book Covers I Love
17162859I love this cover because it has a quiet, kind of country feel to it. The heart because they are in love and the key for the secret between them.

8665876I like how this book is about how people become obsessed with digital stuff, and on the sides of the container is pixels.

16096514I love this entire series of covers. I love how they all have a type of colour and how it shows their faces. Generally I hate when peoples faces are on books, but I love this one.

15814564I absolutely love this cover. So gorgeous. It is probably one of my favourite's of the year. The heart with prickles makes perfect sense. Although I've never been in love, I know it is hard and can be loving yet hard.

Book Covers I Hate

17978531Actually I love this cover, but I hate the pink tinge to it. It makes "Drew" look weird what with the pinkish face and how it also looks as if hes wearing makeup. I also don't like how their mouths are open. I know people do that and stuff, but it looks awkward here.

17727338I do not like this cover. I wish that it was like them inside snuggling on their make shift bed and maybe a black figure lingering in the window. I just don't like how his shirt is open or how "Sydney" looks in the picture.

18070248I just do not like this cover. It has nothing to do with the book and am not a huge fan of covers where it shows half the face (except for Abbi Glines books).

For this read-a-thon, I have not finished much. I have hardly read, but my goals are still my goals. I'm still going to try to finish them by the time of the 30th.
Today I started Losing It by Cora Cormack.


  1. Hehehe...SIA was a "love it" for me only because of the colors, but I do agree how it had nothing to do with the book. It actually had me thinking that the book was more a thriller than a coming-of-age book.

    From your "love it" list, the ones I liked were Awaken and First Comes Love. Awaken because of the colors and the pixels. You get a sense of what the story is about. First Comes Love because of the greens. Green makes me happy when it's bright.

  2. I got First Comes Love and Second Chance in paperback for my birthday and love the covers. Just adore them, I pull them out so I can look at them!