Saturday 18 July 2015

Review: Teasing the Boss by Mallory Crowe

Teasing the Boss (Billionaires in the City #2)

Premier business consultant Simon West can turn around any struggling billion dollar corporation in New York City, but he can’t get what he wants most: revenge against Mark DuFord. The slick investment banker's shady dealing led to Simon’s best friend’s suicide. Wealthy, and well-protected by the political influence he’s been able to purchase, DuFord has become untouchable—or so he thinks. But when DuFord’s former girlfriend asks Simon for help, he knows that Grace Bell is the weapon he needs to finally destroy his enemy completely. All Simon has to do is pretend to love her. 

Grace Bell knows that approaching hot-shot Simon West to save her business is a long shot, but she’s desperate. After growing up with a family that expected her to be a happy housewife, she’d proved them all wrong when she became the go-to event-coordinator in New York City. But after the tabloids took a completely innocent picture of her with a married senator and misinterpreted the situation, she’s losing clients left and right. When she approaches Simon and begs for his help to resuscitate the business she put her heart and soul into, she never expects him to agree. Or that the payment would be posing as his lover as an excuse to get close to her ex. 

Simon knows if he goes forward with his plan, it's only a matter of time before Mark realizes what they're up to and Mark’s enemies have a way ending up broke, in jail or six feet under. As Simon and Grace grow closer, Simon must decide if putting her in the line of fire is worth avenging the past.

Mallory Crowe
Q – What makes Simon and Grace different from the other couples in the Billionaires In The City series? 

A – As I’ve said in the past, my I adore the power struggles between April and Sam from Teaching the Boss. She starts out below him and through the story, their roles shift. With Simon and Grace, they both start out on pretty equal footing. She doesn’t have his kind of money, but they’re both successful entrepreneurs who aren’t used to asking for help. So when they both have to depend on one another, the results are electric! 

Q - Why should readers give these books a try? 

A – All I can say is that I LOVED writing them and I think readers will really be drawn into the characters. I adore putting two strong leads into tough situations and seeing them work together to grow. 
For this second book in the series, I took an obsessed billionaire and a savy business owner and made sure they both needed each other to reach their goals. To make it even more fun, I added in a major revenge plot and a trip to the Hamptons! 

Q – Why did you choose to set the Billionaires In The City books New York City? 

A – Because it’s the city of endless possibilities! There are so many fantastic different settings to play with, between the Upper East Side, Soho, Brooklyn and Queens. They’re all so close together and each have distinct personalities that can fit the characters perfectly. But, as much as I love NYC, I’d love to branch out in the future, so I made sure I didn’t name the city in the subtitle.

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I received a copy from the publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

I read the second in the series almost immediately after finishing the first and I enjoyed it significantly more. Although I liked Simon more then Sam, Grace got on my nerves a couple times. Also, the writing was hard to understand at times because the author would switch from one character to the other's point of view. It wasn't in the first person but it still was difficult to understand and I found myself having to read over a page more then once to understand whom the author was referring.

Grace was the heroine and she had her company going into the ground because of some sleaze senator. I was slightly annoyed at Grace's reaction to it all when it went down, but was happy to see her go after Simon for help. I enjoyed seeing Grace and Simon's relationship grow and become something more. Although I feel their relationship could use a little more build to it, I liked how they cared for one another.

Simon's character I really liked in the beginning, however near the end, he got on my nerves a little because he cared so much for Grace that it felt a little fake.

Like I said, I enjoyed the second much better then the first and if your debating whether or not to read the second, give it a shot.

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