Tuesday 14 January 2014

Book Blitz - Full Steam Ahead by Valerie Chase

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by Valerie Chase

Release Date: 01/14/14


Seven days aboard a luxury cruise. The perfect getaway from it all.

At least, that’s what Georgia Cantwell was hoping for.

Georgia wishes she could run away from the nightmare that has consumed her life, but she can’t. 

With her inbox filling with menacing emails, all she can do is try to get through her sorority’s 

winter break cruise without anyone realizing how wrecked she is. So she really doesn’t need 

Jace McLaren seeing through her tacked-on smile when no one else seems to notice.

Growing up with a father in jail, Jace knows from experience that if you’re going through hell, 

there’s no way out but through. He has always steered away from girls like Georgia with her ice-
queen attitude, but she’s in real trouble, and despite himself he pushes past her walls.

As much as Georgia tries to ignore it, Jace won’t let her pretend with him. But she can’t risk 

telling him the truth. Her past would ruin his trust, her family, her future—everything.

But out on the open ocean, there’s nowhere to hide. And when Georgia’s secrets come tumbling

out, it might take more than Jace to save her.

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Valerie Chase

I'm Valerie but please feel free to call me Val. I live in the Washington, DC area; and I write New Adult romance. I'm hoping to publish my first novel (set on a cruise ship!) in late 2013.
As for my writing, I love sexy banter and guys whose hearts are in the right place, even if their heads sometimes aren't. I love discovering strong, awesome characters, putting them in entertaining situations, and watching them argue their way to love.

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The club stops spinning for a moment. Jace’s mouth is soft, much softer than I’d have thought 

given the roughness of his jaw under my fingertips. He doesn’t move for a heartbeat, and it’s like

we exist in a quiet bubble outside of this dance floor, outside of time.

But he pulls away from me. “What’s gotten into you?” He breathes, our mouths only inches

apart. “I thought—”

I kiss him again. I need to forget about those emails, forget about my parents, forget about

Hunter and Kelsey. I need to lose myself tonight, and Jace hooks up with lots of girls, so I’m

sure he’ll know how to take my mind off of my problems. I’ve seen how he looks at me, so I

know he’s interested. We’ll have some fun, and both get what we want.

My tongue traces along Jace’s mouth and then I gently bite his bottom lip, tugging it teasingly. 

I dip my thumbs into the waistband of his jeans and feel the warm flesh of his stomach, so hard 

and smooth. I moan before I can stop myself. 

Whatever I’m doing must be working, because Jace starts to kiss me back. His hands settle at my 

waist, trailing down toward my hips. Our kiss deepens and his tongue circles around mine, once, 

twice. Soft as a whisper. I’m lost in a rush of feeling, and I wrap my arms around his neck to 

draw him closer. I need him closer. 

I push us toward the outskirts of the room.

The lights move dizzyingly in the dark, and the music throbs through my limbs. Jace and I 

reach an empty spot by the wall. Here, we’re hidden from the dance floor by a tall potted fern 

decorated with white twinkling lights. The tiny lights reflect in Jace’s eyes, which take me in 


His hands move over my tank top to the bare skin of my shoulders, and I shiver as heat spikes 

through my limbs. My own fingers roam across his skin again eagerly: his waist, his back, across 

his hard stomach that tightens at my touch… It has the temperature of a fever.

Jace dips his head to kiss my neck, and those dangerous lips make my whole body tingle. My 

thoughts go wild as I imagine him kissing down my belly, past my hips, and lower still. For a 

while we are a whirlwind, hot and spinning, and I haven’t felt so alive in months. Maybe years. 

I can’t help but think that it never felt like this with Hunter—this heat, this need. Not even when

we first started dating. 

I had no idea what I was missing. 

And I don’t want it to stop.

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