Thursday 16 January 2014

Cover Reveal: Mean Boys by Barbie Hall

Mean Boys

by Barbie Hall

Release Date: 05/2014

Summary from Goodreads:

“'re forcing me to be your slave?” I inhaled deeply even though my body had calmed. 

“Is that what you're telling me?”

A reformed bully. Two damaged boys. Bound by blackmail.

The only thing Bianca Wilbur wanted was to forget her past and sail through her first and only 

year at the prestigious Battle St. John Preparatory, by making new friends and maintaining 

perfect grades. That is until one scandalous raunchy night of Truth or Dare with two of the 

school's most infamous bad boys, the peculiar Judas and the reckless Zeus, aka The St. John 

Gods, leads to the unthinkable.

She's intrigued by one and despises the other.

As Bianca is forcibly dragged into their troubled world secrets spill and dirty lies come out.

What happens when the bully becomes the prey?

Mature YA/New Adult. Excessive swearing, sensitive subject matter, and sexual situations.

Barbie Hall

Displaying barbie hall.jpgBarbie Hall is a typical girl in her early twenties except she has a deep passion for writing. Particularly young adult! Barbie got her first taste of writing in the sixth grade and has never stopped ever since. She's into Japanese pop culture: including manga, fashion, and dramas. She's also addicted to Youtube (with a Youtube channel of her own), make up, and blogging.

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And what we've been waiting for... the cover:
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