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Blog Tour: He Belongs With Me by Sarah Darlington (5 STAR REVIEW)

Gah! I am in love with this book, and you need to be to! I am so incredibly excited for you guys to read this book, and literally, go buy this book now! It literally blew me away and I fell in love with it!

19081595Title: He Belongs With Me
Author: Sarah Darlington
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 279
Release Date: March 4th 2014
Series: -
Where I Got It: Author

Synopsis: Two girls. One Leo.

Identical twins, Maggie and Clara Ryder, both grew up with Leo Maddox, billionaire playboy, apparent alcoholic, and heir to his grandfather's world-famous Maddox hotel empire. Their roles were cemented long ago: Maggie, as his best friend and Clara as his childhood nemesis.

But when a simple twist of fate changes everything and both girls start to fall for the lean, mean, ridiculously sexy and seemingly spoiled Leo... which girl will win his heart?

Throw in a little mischief, drama, and one smoking-hot bartender and lines are sure to blur. But one thing's for certain, neither good-girl Maggie nor rebellious Clara will be satisfied until they each figure out where they belong. 

*NEW ADULT ROMANCE. Recommended for 17+ due to sexual situations and adult language.

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Sarah Darlington
Sarah Darlington
Sarah Darlington lives in the DC metro area, is married to her high school sweetheart, and currently spends her time chasing around a very active toddler. As a former flight attendant, she misses the days of pantyhose, galley gossip with good friends, and traveling to new places. In the future she'd like to return to that career, but, just as flying gets into your bones, so does writing. Whenever she gets a free moment these days, she writes.
Her first novel--HE BELONGS WITH ME--will be released March 2014.


I read this book February 26th 2014.

I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review

This has got to be one of my favourite books of the year - no, of all time!

As a twin, I can greatly appreciate this book. And boy, did I appreciate it. I loved it actually. As I was in Florida reading through my emails, I got one for this book. And when it said they were twins and they fell for the same guy, I knew I had to read it. I also knew that from the beginning I would love it. I fell in love with it - or should I say, Leo.

Twin Maggie Ryder was the "good twin" and was obedient to her father and had respect for everyone and everything around her. If someone was rude to her, she tried her best to not be rude or snarky. She was best friend's with Leo Maddox since they were kids. She never really though of him in a sexual way or boyfriend way, but when she finds out her sister Clara and Leo went to New York together, she gets furious. She also met a guy named Dean/Robby, a guy from her past. And that's Maggie's story.

Twin Clara Ryder is pretty much the opposite of her good sister. She's the "bad twin" as someone likes to say to her in the book. She has a snarky attitude and doesn't take crap from anyone. Her and Leo have hated each other since they were kids. Or so they thought. When they go to New York together, feelings get thrown in and this makes for a fun and romantic ride. That's Clara's story.

When I read this book, I felt as if I was reading two completely seperate stories - Clara's and Maggie's. Once and a while their stories would intertwine. I liked that about the book. And incase you didn't already guess, the book is dual point of view from both twins. As I mentioned above, I fell in love with Leo, much like both of the twins did. Dean/Robby was incredibly sweet too, but I prefer the bad boys. Plus, Clara and Leo were the perfect match and I am definitely Clara between the two twins.

I sort of felt as if this story was mostly Clara's in the beginning of it, but as it ended I found I missed Clara's story, as it focused more on Maggie. I also felt as if Maggie got a perfect, sweet, tied together ending, whereas Clara's wasn't as sweet. I'm not saying I didn't like the end, but I would have loved to have maybe one more chapter for Clara so we can see the end for both twins.

Oh, and this book isn't much of a love triangle. I know someone who is hesitant to read it because they don't like love triangles. Although it seems obvious who is going to end up with who, it's still a fantastic read. This book had me laughing so loud I got a few strange looks from people, but it was definitely worth it!

All in all, I absolutely adored this book and fell in love with the story and drama running through it! It's a must read for New Adult fans! This book has to be a hit!


So hows that for a review? Are you convinced that you need to buy it now? If not, just check out some of the characters pictures! On Sarah Darlington's blog, she has character profiles - and I am in LOVE with Leo's picture. Just, go check it out. It's so worth looking at.

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