Thursday 19 March 2015

Your Boyfriend Tag

Something created by Miss Movie of Canada who tagged me to do this post about my boyfriends from TV shows and movies so for anyone who wanted books... I'm sorry.

This is a list of boyfriends with a adjective/noun before boyfriend. You then have to find a boyfriend who matches the name. You can only name a boy once.

Your crazy boyfriend
The boyfriend who does some crazy things.
House from House
Yup, I love this guy. He is SO funny. He reminds me of myself in the best way. And he makes some questionable choices...

Your hot boyfriend
The one who is so hot you can't even explain.
Nick from Grimm
Ok, look at him. Really. No need to explain anything, ok?

Your stupid boyfriend
The boyfriend who just isn't as smart as you.
Matty from Awkward.

Obviously, those of you who watch Awkward. understand he isn't the brightest guy around. But he can be really sweet at times and has his smart moments, but he certainly isn't as smart as me.

Your scary boyfriend
The one who could potentially really scare you if you met in real life.
Kit Walker from American Horror Story
I knew it was coming. Any Evan Peters from American Horror Story can be on this list really. I don't care which one because they're all scary. He's just great to look at.

Your mythical boyfriend
The one who you wish was real, but he isn't (werewolves, vampires, mermaids etc.).
Derek Hale from Teen Wolf
Ever since I started Teen Wolf I've had an obsession with Stiles but Derek... gah! He has the body, the muscles, the SIX-PACK! He is so perfect and annoying and I just want this guy to be real. Stupid werewolves.

Your out-dated boyfriend
The one from a completely different era than you.
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
I'm just going to be flat-out honest. I don't really watch this show. I started the first season but never really finished. I basically come in and watch when this guy comes up on the screen and believe me, every second is worth it. The show is based years ago, therefore he's from another era. Unfortunately.

Your criminal boyfriend
The boyfriend who does some things he probably shouldn't.
Dean from Supernatural
You watch Supernatural? You know why he's the criminal boyfriend. You don't? Let's keep it simple: he simply doesn't care.

Your genius boyfriend
The boyfriend who is smarter than you.
Barry Allan from The Flash
Again, I don't watch this show, however, I know a lot about The Flash. This show has been on my to-watch for so long so hopefully I get around to it sooner rather then later. Barry Allan is a scientists for those of you unaware. Yes, he is smart (that's kind of how he became a scientist).

Your badass boyfriend
The one who you wish would do all those badass things with you (or for you).
Dylan from Bates Motel
Dylan is all around badass. He pretty much sold weed for an entire season PLUS he carries a gun. He's a total bad-boy that I love and hate at the same time because he does a lot of questionable things which is why he is so hot.

Your cartoon boyfriend
The one who is from a cartoon (excluding anime).
Spider-Man from Spider-Man
The Spider-Man cartoons were my favourite when I was a kid and even now when I have nothing to do, I'll throw on a few episodes through Netflix.

My boyfriend since I was five

Your anime boyfriend
The boyfriend who is in anime.
L from Death Note
He's just all that.

Your almost boyfriend
The boyfriend who you thought you liked, but he did something that made you realize you don't actually like him.
The Huntsman from Once Upon a Time
Yes, the famous Christian Grey was a huntsman in another life (ironic? maybe). I found his character so hot and amazing and then he slept with a certain person in Once Upon a Time. Nope; I'm done. However, his hot looks could definitely redeem him...

Your royal boyfriend
The one who is royalty.

Your player boyfriend
The boyfriend who always has a different woman in his bed every night.
Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men
I know, I know, there's a lot of show's I don't watch. Like Mad Men. I was appointed Ken as "my man" when my sister started watching this because she said he would just be so perfect with me. Why? Her reasons: he's a player.

I'm so sure.

Your religious boyfriend
The boyfriend that strongly believes in God or another religion.

Your realistic boyfriend
The one who you would actually be compatible with in real life.
Stiles from Teen Wolf
I love Stiles. And just so you know, I'm about to talk about season 4 of Teen Wolf so leave if you don't want spoilers...

You stayed? How sweet. Stiles and Malia... amazing together! Malia reminds me so much of myself just starting off which her fashion sense; it is something I really relate to and it makes me happy to see in real life, I'd actually be good with Stiles. And I'm so happy he's not with Lydia.

I tag anyone who see's this and challenge them to come up with some interesting boys! :D

Comment below and let me know if you agree with 

my choices!

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