Sunday 29 March 2015

The Taylor Swift Book Tag

This is a book tag I saw on polandbananasBOOKS on youtube and was so excited to be able to do this tag myself. It was created by The Book Life on youtube. You take books that relate to a song by Taylor Swift and I must say, I'm excited.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
(this is a book that you thought you loved... and then you didn't)
Frigid by J. Lynn. I loved this book... and then it just disappointed at the ending.

(a book with a red cover)
Reboot by Amy Tintera. Awesome cover.

The Best Day
(the book that makes you feel nostalgic)
We Were Liars. It reminded me of my summers at my cottage; it just made me feel amazing, even though I may not have actually liked the book so much, I like it due to the nostalgic feelings I got when reading it.

Love Story
(a book with forbidden love)
Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. Since the main characters work together, they're kind of not suppose to date. Just pointing that out...

I Knew You Were Trouble
(a book with a character you knew was trouble, but couldn't help but like)
If I understand this correctly, it's basically a bad boy. I choose Leo Maddox from He Belongs With Me. I LOVED the book and, especially him.

(a book that had the ending ruined for you)
Identical by Ellen Hopkins was ruined for me, but that didn't stop me from reading the horrendous thing. I mean, I'm a twin and do not like to think of those things. Thank you.

Everything Has Changed
(a character from a book that went through strong character development)
Fable from the One Week Girlfriend series. She was so different in book 1, then she was in book 3.5.

You Belong With Me
(a book you can't wait for release)
When I'm Back by Abbi Glines. I got an ARC of When I'm Gone and can't stop thinking about the next one!

Forever and Always
(favourite couple from a book)
Oooh this is hard! I love so many couples... at the moment, I adore Decebel and Jen from the Grey Wolves series.

Come Back, Be Here
(book you don't want to lend out)
None of my books. Ever. I never lend books unless it's to my sister because she totally understands how I feel about my books.

Teardrops on my Guitar
(the book that made you cry... a lot)
Books don't make me cry. I'm not soulless, but I usually don't cry at books. But if I was, it would most likely be Ugly Love. Seriously so sad!

Shake It Off
(you just shake off the haters of this book because you loved it so much)
Losing It by Cora Carmack; I know there's not a lot of haters of the book, it's actually other people I tell I'm reading the book. They look so disgusted by the synopsis, so I just shook it off and read it and loved it!

There you go! My Taylor Swift book tag! I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you see this, feel free to do it, and comment below linking to yours!


  1. I love Reboot and We Were Liars! WWL definitely has that summer vibe :D

    I did this tag too! Here's my post:

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Tahnks for stopping by!! And yes, thank you, everyone I talk to say's We Were Liars was terrible, good to know there's someone out thee who liked it as I did! :D