Tuesday 24 March 2015


Yes, yes, I agree. I know my blog needs an update. I can no longer use the excuse that I am a new blogger because let's face it: I've been blogging since October 2013. That's a year and a bit. Yeah, I guess I can say I'm still sort of new, but really I feel like I should update. But... I'm kind of lazy for the design because I'm so busy with posts...

Moving forward....

I really want to create a new banner, new blog button, new star system (new original stars), and work on my pages. Oh, the struggles... It's like an internal battle: design or posts, design or posts, design or posts

And yes, I love Spider-Man in case you didn't know

But that's not the point. I just figured I'd make this post for a reference to be able to see what I want to do.

Comment below with your ideas on what I can do to improve Book Chick; it would be greatly appreciated

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