Monday 11 November 2013

Book Boyfriend #3

My Book Boyfriend of the Week

This is a weekly meme hosted by ReadingandThings
Here's the rules: 
1) Pick a book boyfriend, it can be from the book your currently reading or from one you've already read. 
2) Write what kind of boyfriend he is, and if you want, say why you think that 
3) Pick a quote from his book, it could be long or short, that proves he is the kind of boyfriend you said he is 
4) Make sure the quote, and the explanation, DO NOT give away anything from the book (we want all of the twists and plot surprises to remain surprises) 
5) Share it! And shout it out it using #ReadingAndThings

This week my Book Boyfriend is...

Preston Drake

Yep. You heard right. Preston Drake from Just for Now (Sea Breeze #4) by Abbi Glines!


~Teaser #1~
“I love you. I love you so damn much it consumes me. I don't deserve you, but I'm gonna become the man who does deserve you. I promise you. I'll make you proud of me.” 

~Teaser #2~
“Nothing about this thing we have is a bad thing. I’m not gonna lie about it: I don’t deserve you. I’m sure as hell not good enough for you, but as long as you want me, I’m all yours.” 

~Teaser #3~
"In the screwed-up life I’d been dealt, she was my only source of comfort.” 

Like Preston? I'm the bad-boy type too... comment below with your link so I can see your boyfriend.

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